Tactical Holsters

Combination-Release holsters are priced about $6.00 more than Thumb-Brake Holsters, unless themed snaps are used then the cost increases a little.  An example of a themed snap is the skulls you see on some of the holsters.  

The Alaskan holsters are grouped into a few different categories based on wear and retention designs.   The first group are thumb-brake holsters.  They can be made in either a standard/strong hip design or cross-draw styles.   Next are the combination-retention holsters.  These work like thumb-brake holsters but the retention strap can be completely removed.   Further down you'll find pictures of Alaskan holsters with a tactical strap sewn on instead of a belt loop.  Tactical designs move the revolver off of the hip moving it down to the upper thigh.   Tactical holsters can be order with either a thumb-break or a combination release.

Combination- Release Holsters

Below are pictures of holsters designed specifically for the Ruger Alaskan.  The same design is used when building Ruger Redhawk and Ruger Super Redhawk Holsters with the expectation of the barrel being longer.  Captions below each picture should list a reference number and the approximate cost.

Trailmaster Holsters


Tactical holsters are the same holster styles as pictured above with the following exception:  Instead of a standard or cross-draw belt loop, a tactical strap is sewn on in their place.  This keeps the firearm off of the belt line and places the heel of the revolver closer to the natural relaxed position of the palm of the hand.   The tactical holsters are about $40 more than the standard hip or cross-draw holsters.  Until I get costs loaded, please call for prices... 

Ruger Alaskan Holsters

Thumb-Brake Holsters