If you have any questions do not hesitate to call 1-406-564-3220,  Monday-Saturday 7 am -7 pm.

Each order is custom, so all orders are placed over the phone.  Ordering is simple.  Just look over the many types and styles of holsters pictured throughout this website and pick one that is closest to the design you’d like to have.   Think about any specific changes you’d like to have made to your holster and give me a call.   Reference the picture number and we’ll continue from there!  It is that easy. 

Trailmaster Holsters


How To Order

  •  I am a build-on-demand manufacture. Orders are taken in the order they are received and placed in a build queue.  Build time on a holster of your choice varies depending on the current order backlog and the details of your particular order.  As of 29 November 2017, wait time is less than a few weeks.   If a long backlog develops, there are 3- and 7-day rush fees for folks who need their leather quickly.  Prices are $50 for a 7-day turn and $90 for a 3-turn, above the cost of the holster.   Sometimes, due to scheduled builds, I can’t even offer the rush service.  When you call to place your order, you will get a build by date so you'll know when your holster will be ready.
  • Upon completion of your holster, you will receive an invoice for the amount of the holster we previously agreed on. No surprises.  Once you pay the invoice, the holster ships the next business day.
  • Most phone orders take at least 30-minutes to complete.  I will be asking many questions to make sure I know all the details about your custom holster. 


Important Information Before Ordering